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The Vow (2012)

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Movie Title      : The Vow

Directed by     : Michael Sucsy

Story by           : Stuart Sender

Studio              : Spyglass Entertainment

Distributed by    : Screen Gems

The Vow


The Vow is a romantic drama film based on the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. The Vow was a box office success, becoming the sixth highest-grossing romantic drama film of all time. The story is about Paige Collins (Rachel McAdams) and her husband, Leo (Channing Tatum). One night, on their way home, at a stop sign, Paige unbuckles her seatbelt to lean over and kiss Leo. At that very moment, a truck rams their car from behind and Paige crashes through the windshield. Then, the movie cuts to how Paige and Leo first met. The scenes of how they courted, proposed and married at the Art Institute of Chicago are interwoven with the present.

When Paige regains consciousness, she’s having lost all memories of the past few years. When her parents learn about this and visit her, it is the first time that Leo meets them. Paige doesn’t understand why she has married to a man who hasn’t met her parents before, left law school and became an artist, broke her engagement with her previous fiancé, Jeremy, and didn’t get in touch with her family and friends for years.

Her parents insist on taking Paige home with them, but then Leo comes to play her a voice message in which she sounds very happy and romantic – as the evidence that they’re married. Paige decides to go back with Leo, hoping it will help her regain her lost memory. Leo tries hard to help Paige gain her memory back, but it is no use. Paige’s memory stops when she’s still in law school, is engaged with Jeremy, and still being with her family.

She finds that she feels more comfortable with that situation, rather than with Leo and other unfamiliar things. With her sister’s wedding approaching, Paige decides to stay with her parents until the wedding. Though, Leo asks her out on a date and they have fun, but the relationship is further strained when Paige’s dad tries to persuade Leo to divorce his daughter, and when Leo punching Jeremy for talking about chances to bed his wife.

Paige rejoins law school and Leo signs divorce papers. At a store, Paige meets an old friend who, unaware of her amnesia, and alerting Paige as to why she had left her family. But this time, Paige decides not to leave her family again. Paige, while in class, starts sketching; thus depicting how she first left law school. She continues her interest in art. Back in her room, Paige finds the menu card on which she had written her wedding vows and is deeply moved. The movie ends with Paige finding Leo at their regular cafe and going with him to try a new place instead of their regular alternative.

Such. A. Sweet. And. Touching. Love. Story. And it is based on a true story! Gee, I can’t stop shivering! This love story is too sweet to be true! The real couple is now married with two kids, and the wife never regains her memory back. Sad, but I’m glad they’re happy now. This movie might be a little bit boring, because it’s a fully romance movie, but the story is beyond touching. I cried a bit when I watched it – couldn’t help it, it’s too heart-breaking. How they managed to fight for their love. Unchangeable love. Ah, so sweet! Recommended, of course! But I’d rather recommend this to women who love romance. It’ll be a great entertainer for you!

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Planes (2013)

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Movie Title        : Planes
Directed by       : Klay Hall
Produced by     : Traci Balthazor-Flynn
Studio             : Walt Disney Pictures and DisneyToon Studios
Distributed by   : Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures


‘Planes’ is an American 3D computer-animated sports comedy film, which is a spin-off of Pixar’s Cars franchise. This one is the first film in a planned ‘Planes’ trilogy, telling about Dusty Crophopper, a crop-duster plane who dreams of becoming a racer, so he practices aerobatic maneuvers in his spare time with the help of his fuel truck friend, Chug. Dusty enters the qualifiers for Wings across the World race and manages to wow everyone by his well-practiced flight maneuvers, but comes in 6th place – which means he doesn’t qualify. A few days later, a representative from the qualifier visits his town and announces to him that he is now in 5th place, due to the qualifier ahead of him is disqualified, so Dusty is replacing him.

Skipper Riley, an elderly, reclusive navy war plane, finally decides to mentor Dusty. While in the midst of his training, Dusty admits that he has a fear of heights. Despite this, their training continues and when it is completed, Dusty heads off to the meeting of the race. In the beginning of the race, Dusty keeps finishing last due to his refusal to fly high. But then, he manages to catch up step by step. Ripslinger, the arrogant and villainous 3-time winner plane, doesn’t accept Dusty’s success, so he plots to sabotage Dusty’s chances of winning. Dusty manages to survive until the end, though, and when it looks like Ripslinger will win, his ego gets the best of him and Dusty seizes the opportunity and wins the race.

I actually wrote a long summary, but then I kept erasing some parts so there’ll be no spoilers. I hope you don’t mind. All right, another animation movie from Disney. Since I watched the trailer, I already thought this would be like Cars, and it is! But of course, the story and plot is different. Both are genius, and I love them both! As usual, Disney always got awesome animations and full-of-moral-lessons stories, which I always love!

It might not be the best animation ever, but still, I love it, and it is worth to watch! From this movie, I learned that we have to be humble no matter what. Being arrogant will lead you to nowhere but failure, while being humble will bring you success and more supportive friends. I recommend you all to watch this movie, so we can learn a lot together! It is planned trilogy! I can’t wait for the rest!

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Oblivion (2013)

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Directed by     : Joseph Kosinski

Based on         : Oblivion by Joseph Kosinski and Arvid Nelson

Distributed by   : Universal Pictures


Oblivion is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction film based on Joseph Kosinski’s Radical Comics-edited unpublished graphic novel of the same name. My summary:

In the year 2077, Tech 49, Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is one of the last drone repairmen stationed on Earth. The planet was nearly destroyed sixty years ago, during a war against a race of alien invaders, known as Scavengers (Scavs). The Scavs destroyed the moon, causing massive earthquakes and tsunamis, and then launched their invasion. They were only defeated by the use of nuclear weapons, which left most of the planet irradiated and uninhabitable. The few surviving humans migrated to a large space station called the “Tet”.

Jack and his partner, Victoria “Vika” Olsen (Andrea Riseborough) work as a team to maintain the autonomous drones that defend the power stations from the few remaining Scav bandits. Although Jack and Vika had their memories wiped five years earlier for security reasons, Jack has recurring dreams about meeting a mysterious woman at the Empire State Building before the war. Jack keeps a secret retreat in a forested area he sometimes visits.

One day, Jack finds a pre-invasion spacecraft and manages to rescue one of the crew, Julia (Olga Kurylenko), recognizing her as the woman from his dreams. Julia and Jack retrieve the ship’s flight recorder, but then are captured by Scavs, who are revealed to be humans. Their leader, Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman), claims that the alien invasion was a lie and wants Jack to reprogram a captured drone in order to destroy the Tet, by delivering a nuclear weapon. At first, Jack refuses, so Malcolm releases them, but urges them to seek the truth in the so-called “radiation zone” that Jack is forbidden to enter.

On their way back, Jack takes Julia to the ruins of the Empire State Building and Julia reveals who she is. They then flee in Jack’s ship and crashes in the radiation zone, where Jack comes face to face with Tech 52, a clone of himself. Shocked, Jack and Julia return to Beech, who tells them the truth. The Tet is in fact an alien artificial intelligence that seized Earth to exploit the planet’s resources. Jack and Victoria are just two of many thousands of clones of their original selves, created as soldiers to carry out the invasion of Earth. The Tet uses drones programmed to kill humans on sight. The survivors use old technology, like stealth fighter shielding and vocal scrambling to confuse the drones (make them look like ‘scavs’). Jack then agrees to reprogram the stolen drone to destroy the Tet.

During the flight to Tet, Jack listens to the Odyssey’s flight recorder, which reveals his and Victoria’s past. Jack enters the Tet, then triggers the nuclear bomb with Beech and destroys the Tet at the cost of their own lives. The destruction of the Tet also deactivates the remaining drones around the world. Three years later, Julia is living with her young daughter in the forest retreat on the recovering Earth. A group of survivors arrive there, and Tech 52 emerges from the group. Having the same latent memories as Tech 49, he then reunites with “his” family.

This is one of my favorite sci-fi movies!! It’s actually my first favorite. I really love the story! I was confused at first, since I don’t really understand Science, but then I got it, and wow, it’s really genius! I think the idea was inspired by dooms day, but they changed it into something new, fresh, and brilliant!! There are romantic parts which are so sweet and touching. And how Jack and Beech sacrificed their life for others, is so heroic! I love everything about this movie. The genius idea with brilliant plot and engaging conflicts, the editing, the good-looking and talented role-players, every each of them! So recommended! Really, really, really worth to watch! You’ll regret it if you don’t!

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Movie Title      : The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Directed by     : Harald Zwart

Produced by    : Don Carmody and Robert Kulzer

Based on         : City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Studio             : Constantin Film

Distributed by   : Screen Gems (US)

The Mortal Instruments


The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is a German-American adventure fantasy film, about the Mortal Cup – a cup that allows humans to become half-Angel. It was given to the first Shadowhunter – a warrior who has powers and is trained to secretly protect humanity by killing demons. But then, there’s this other Shadowhunter, named Valentine Morgenstern (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), who betrays his race and steals the cup for himself in order to gain control over all Shadowhunters and demons.

His wife, Jocelyn Fray (Lena Headey), manages to stop him and hide the Mortal Cup. Valentine tries to chase after her, but then Jocelyn drinks a potion that leaves her in a comatose state. Jocelyn’s daughter, Clary Fray (Lily Collins), has inherited her mother’s powers, including the ability to read runes. That makes her a key to find the cup, so Valentine is coming after her.

Unfortunately, Clary’s mind is blocked, so she can’t remember anything about Shadowhunters and other things. Hodge Starkweather (Jared Harris), the leader of Shadowhunters, instructs Jace Wayland (Jamie Campbell Bower) to take Clary to the City of Bones, where they learn about her connection to a powerful sorcerer, Magnus Bane (Godfrey Gao), who was apparently hired by Jocelyn to block knowledge of the Shadowhunters from Clary’s mind.

Clary starts to figure out the knowledge, abilities, and secrets that her mom hid from her, making her targeted to be chased. Jocelyn’s mate, Luke Garroway (Aidan Turner), Clary’s best friend Simon Lewis (Robert Sheehan) and some Shadowhunters fellow help her along the way. In the end, they manage to fight Valentine, by pushing him through a portal and destroy it, while the Mortal Cup is safely kept by Clary.

One word: AWESOME! The whole story is brilliant! It has many twists and unpredictable conflicts along the way. I kept being surprised while watching this movie, and I enjoyed it so much! The characters have different personalities and backgrounds, making them unique and lovable. The good-looking actors and actress play their characters really well. They manage to make audience feel what they want people to feel. The editing and settings are genius! I can’t praise them more! This movie is gonna be a series, since there are five novels: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, and City of Lost Souls. I bet it’s gonna be an awesome series! Can’t wait!

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Fast and Furious 6 (2013)

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Movie Title      : Fast and Furious 6

Directed by     : Justin Lin

Based on         : Characters by Gary Scott Thompson

Studio             : Original Film and One Race Films

Distributed by   : Universal Pictures

Fast and Furious 6


Fast and Furious 6 is an action film, the sixth installment in the Fast and the Furious film series. It’s telling about a crew, who is following their successful Rio heist, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew of professional criminals have retired around the world: Dominic lives with Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky); his sister, Mia (Jordana Brewster), lives with Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) and their son – Jack, Gisele Yahsar (Gal Gadot) and Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang) have moved to Hong Kong; Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej Parker (Chris Bridges) live in luxury.

Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and his partner, Riley Hicks (Gina Carano) investigate the destruction of a Russian military convoy by former British Special Forces soldier, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) and his crew. Hobbs tracks down Dominic and persuades him to help taking down Shaw, after showing him a recent photo of the supposedly long-dead Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), Dominic’s former girlfriend. Dominic gathers his crew together and they accept the mission in exchange for full amnesty for their past crimes, allowing them to return home to the United States; Mia and Elena remain with Jack. Dominic’s crew investigates about Shaw’s connections, and find out how Letty survived the explosion that was thought to have killed her. They also find out that Shaw is stealing components to create a Nightshade device which can disable power in an entire region. He intends to sell it to the highest bidder.

This whole movie is telling about a long, engaging chase, with a brilliant and unpredictable plot. I can’t describe too much about it, since it won’t be fun if I give spoilers. In the end, Dom and his crew manage to get the chip and bring it back to Hobbs to secure their amnesty, which leads Dominic and his team to return to the United States. Hobbs and Elena (now working with Hobbs) arrive to confirm the crews are free. The last part is showing Han is in a car chase in Tokyo. He is hit by an oncoming car, and his car explodes, killing him. The other car’s driver (Jason Statham) walks away from the scene and calls Dominic, leaving him a message: “You don’t know me, you’re about to…”

There’ll be Fast and Furious 7 for sure, and I can hardly wait! This movie is one of a long series. Each movie – from one to six, has connection to each other. This one should be the one before the third movie – Tokyo Drift. And I guess the seventh movie will be the sequel of Tokyo Drift. It’ll be cool!!

Actually, when I watched this movie, I haven’t watched the prequels. But, I didn’t get lost during the movie. It does have a connection with the prequels, but it’s all explained in the movie, so I wasn’t lost. Each movie has its own main conflict, and they’re all engaging and genius! What an awesome action movie! I shivered along the whole scenes! Good-looking and talented actors played awesome roles really well, makes it such a great movie. Worth to watch!

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Movie Title      : Beautiful Creatures

Directed by     : Richard LaGravenese

Based on         : Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Studio             : Alcon Entertainment

Distributed by   : Warner Bros. Pictures

Beautiful Creatures(

Beautiful Creatures is an American romantic fantasy film, telling about casters – humans who are capable of performing magical spells. There are two kinds of caster – light and dark. The male casters can choose who they want to be, but female casters can’t. They’ll be claimed by the moon, depends on their true nature.

Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert) is on her way to her sixteenth birthday, when she’ll be claimed. Her strong power makes her family worried. Her uncle, Macon Underwood (Jeremy Irons), changes from dark to light, to keep Lena’s true nature good and changes her into a light caster as well. Lena moves to Gatlin to live with her uncle and her other family members, who are all light casters. Then, she meets Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich), her school friend, and they got close. Macon disapproves of their love and fondness of each other, and conspires with Ethan’s family friend, Amma (Viola Davis), to keep the two separated. However, Ethan continues to pursue Lena, until she confesses that her family are casters and tells him about the claim.

Ridley (Emmy Rossum), Lena’s cousin, and Sarafine (Emma Thompson), Lena’s mother – both are dark casters, want Lena to join them, becoming a dark caster. They keep trying to turn Lena into dark. Then Lena and Ethan find out about their ancestors, caster Genevieve Duchannes (Rachel Broanahan) and mortal Confederate soldier Ethan Carter Wate were in love. Ethan Carter was shot in battle and Genevieve revived him using a forbidden spell that caused her to go dark and curse all the Duchannes family’s women. Lena almost loses hope, but her family and Ethan keep encouraging her. In the end, she finds her own solution to her problems.

The ending is an open ending, which means there’ll be sequels. There are four novels – Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos, and Beautiful Redemption. I guess they’re all gonna be filmed. Can’t wait! Sorry for the short summary. I really don’t want to give any spoilers. It’s a really great movie, trust me. Highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed! It’s sweet and touching, not just any forbidden love story, it has moral lessons, too. About family, sacrifices, and love.

The conflicts and twists are engaging, and it made me curious during the whole scenes! It has its own sense of humor and I love it! Since they’re in South Carolina, they have this western accent, which is cute! The characters are lovable! The actors and actress are good-looking and very talented. They played their role very well. I can feel their strong chemistry and it made me shiver! So, what are you waiting for? Go watch it right away, you won’t regret it!

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Judul Film          : Refrain

Produksi            : Maxima Pictures

Sutradara          : Fajar Nugros

Penulis Skrip      : Haqi Achmad

Adaptasi dari      : Novel ‘Refrain’ by Winna Efendi

Film Refrain


Refrain. Setiap kali mendengar satu kata itu disebut, yang muncul di benakku hanya satu – kisah Niki, Nata dan Anna. Orang lain mungkin akan berpikir, “Oh, refrain itu kan, bagian dari lagu yang diulang-ulang. Reff. Chorus.” Memang itu arti asli dari kata ‘Refrain‘, tapi, yang pertama kali kuingat adalah novel ketiga kak Winna Efendi yang akhirnya difilmkan ini.

Aku sudah membaca novelnya, yang langsung masuk ke dalam list novel favoritku. Bisa dibilang aku fans berat kak Winna, jadi, saat  mendengar rumor Refrain akan difilmkan, aku langsung bersorak-sorai (literally). Padahal, aku tidak begitu menyukai film loka. Kebanyakan novel Indonesia yang difilmkan berakhir kurang memuaskan. Setelah meningat fakta-fakta itu, semangatku langsung ciut. Aku takut film Refrain tidak sebagus ekspektasiku.

Suatu hari, aku menemukan fanbase official untuk film Refrain di twitter. Di sana, diupdate perkembangan film Refrain, mulai dari pemain-pemainnya, kru yang bertugas, serta foto-foto selama syuting. Semakin dilihat,  aku menjadi semakin tertarik. Pemain-pemainnya good looking, dan setting yang digunakan juga kelihatan menarik. Apalagi, salah satu adegannya berlatar di Vienna, Austria. Awalnya, aku kurang setuju dengan pemainnya, karena agak berbeda dari ekspektasiku. Tapi, setelah dilihat-lihat, ternyata cocok juga. Apalagi pemain Olivernya – Maxime Bouttier. Ganteng!

Aku pun kembali bersemangat menanti-nanti film ini. Sayangnya, saat film ini akhirnya dirilis, aku belum bisa langsung menontonnya, karena aku sudah berjanji untuk menontonnya dengan temanku. Aku menjadi semakin tidak sabar untuk menontonnya. Akhirnya, aku menonton film ini di hari tayang kelima, yaitu pada hari Selasa, 25 Juni 2013.

Film dan novel memang tidak bisa seratus persen sama. Jelas ada bagian dari novel yang ditiadakan di film, atau dipersingkat. Novel selalu lebih rinci, sedangkan film harus lebih memerhatikan sisi entertainment – jangan sampai membuat penonton bosan. Karena faktor-faktor itulah, film Refrain menjadi berbeda dari novelnya. Namun, tetap saja ada bagian yang sama, dan aku merasa senang saat mengenalinya.

Film ini diawali dengan monolog Niki, tokoh utama cewek di film ini, yang diperankan oleh Maudy Ayunda. Ia menceritakan kedekatannya dengan sahabat masa kecilnya, Nata – tokoh utama cowok yang diperankan oleh Afgansyah Reza. Mereka sudah bersahabat sejak kecil dan melakukan hampir segalanya bersama. Rumah mereka bersebelahan, dan setiap pagi, Nata akan mengantar-jemput Niki ke sekolah dengan sepedanya.

Suatu hari, sekolah mereka kedatangan murid baru – Anna. Dan Anna pun masuk ke dalam lingkaran Niki-Nata dengan mudahnya. Anna diam-diam memiliki perasaan pada Nata, yang sayangnya sudah terlebih dahulu memiliki perasaan pada Niki. Sedangkan Niki, ia terlalu sibuk untuk mencari cinta pertamanya. Niki yang penasaran bagaimana rasanya jatuh cinta, akhirnya bertemu dengan Oliver, kapten basket dari sekolah lain. Mereka semakin akrab, dan akhirnya berpacaran. Ini membuat Nata menjadi uring-uringan, dan akhirnya persahabatan mereka pun merenggang.

Persahabatan mereka menjadi semakin kacau setelah Nata akhirnya mengetahui bahwa Anna menyukainya, tetapi ia menolak, dan mengatakan bahwa ia menyayangi Niki. Niki mendengarnya dan marah, lalu mulai menjauh. Niki bingung, mengapa persahabatan mereka menjadi kacau begitu. Saat prom, Niki yang seharusnya datang dengan Oliver, akhirnya pergi sendirian karena Oliver sakit. Sesampainya di sana, ia malah menemukan Oliver – yang ternyata tidak sakit, datang dengan Helena, salah satu teman Niki. Niki sakit hati, membuat emosi Nata tersulut, lalu menonjok Oliver.

Setelah itu, Nata- yang ternyata diterima di sekolah musik di Vienna, memberitahukan kepergiannya pada Niki, dan mereka pun berpisah. Selepas kepergian Nata, Niki menemukan amplop biru berisi surat dari Nata, yang menyatakan perasaannya. Niki mulai merasa kehilangan, dan menyadari bahwa ia juga memiliki perasaan khusus untuk Nata.

Beberapa tahun kemudian, Niki yang tampak lebih dewasa, tidak sengaja menemukan amplop biru dari Nata, dan memutuskan untuk menyusul Nata ke Vienna. Di akhir cerita, Nata dan Niki kembali dipertemukan, dan saling jujur pada perasaan mereka masing-masing.

Ada beberapa adegan dan tokoh di novel yang ditiadakan, dan endingnya juga dibuat berbeda. But overall, aku tetap merasa puas.  Kisah di novel dikemas dengan baik dalam bentuk film. Full of surprises. Sayangnya, adegan yang diambil di Vienna agak pecah, namun selebihnya tidak masalah. Dan yang membuat film ini lebih unggul dari film Indonesia lainnya adalah, film ini tidak pelit, jadi tidak tanggung-tanggung memilih setting. Selain itu, aksesori-aksesori yang digunaka dibuat semirip mungkin dengan yang dideskripsikan di dalam novel, sehingga semuanya terasa mendukung dan sinkron. Poster filmnya pun terlihat sangat menarik, sudah hampir setara dengan film-film luar negeri. Salut!

Aktor dan aktrisnya juga mendalami karakter dengan baik. Film ini bahkan membuatku jatuh cinta pada tokoh Anna yang kalem dan Oliver yang keren. Walaupun kadang terasa agak kaku, namun akhirnya tetap saja bagus. Soundtracknya juga menarik. Liriknya disesuaikan dengan isi ceritanya. Film ini film lokal terbagus yang pernah kutonton. Recommended!